Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Burnout among caregivers and families is a prevalent issue seen within hospice.​

Administrators and the team at Hospice Promise understand the challenges that families endure with caring for their loved ones. Among their concerns is how to keep a caregivers and families providing meaningful, quality care to those facing life-limiting illness. While many of the rewards associated with providing such care to patients and their families are intrinsic, they are sometimes not enough to keep families and caregivers from experiencing emotional distress over time, which manifests as burnout.

With the end goal of ensuring the best possible care for your loved one, support from others will be important. Consider seeking respite through Hospice Promise. Respite is a benefit that is provided after 30 continuous days of service. There is no predetermined checklist in meeting the needs of a hospice patients and their families. The respite benefit is offered for up to five days and caregivers and families are able to use this benefit every 30 days.

Though asking for help may be difficult, the benefits for you and your loved one will outweigh your hesitations. It is important as a caregiver to remember to make time for yourself and to take care of your own needs. Remember, the care that you give your loved one suffers if you are not in the best possible place, both physically and mentally. It is vital that you remain healthy and able to provide your loved one with the best care you can and that begins with taking care of yourself.

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May 2022