Honoring Veterans

Hospice Promise is a proud participant in the We Honor Veterans program.

This is a national awareness program that focuses on strengthening partnerships and networking with other Veteran organizations in order to enhance the care and availability of services to Veterans and their families. Our goal is to recognize the unique needs and challenges of our Veterans and guide them with respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgment leading to a more peaceful end-of-life journey.

Developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the We Honor Veterans program aims to invite hospices to join a pioneering program focused on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening, and grateful acknowledgment in the care of veterans.

America’s Veterans have done everything asked of them in their mission to serve our country. Now it is time that we step up, acquire the necessary skills, and fulfill our mission to serve these men and women with the dignity they deserve.  Hospice Promise gratefully offers education and assistance to Veterans regarding their hospice benefits.

As a We Honor Veterans Partner, the Hospice Promise staff are skilled to:

  • Build professional and organizational capacity to provide quality care for Veterans
  • Develop and/or strengthen partnerships with VA and other Veteran organizations
  • Increase access to hospice and palliative care for Veterans in their community
  • Network with other hospices across the country to learn about best practice models

We at Hospice Promise want to celebrate military service, recognize the family, define the grieving process, and provide resources for assistance during this challenging time.

Contact us for more information about how Hospice Promise delivers services for our Veterans.