What Does a Hospice Liaison Team Do?

Our Hospice Liaison team is nothing short of the best! These amazing ladies are out every day searching for individuals that need our love and attention during a difficult time in their lives.

A Hospice patient can be anywhere throughout the valley. It’s their job to develop meaningful relationships within the community and share the Hospice Promise philosophy and Hospice care knowledge. Heidi Postma, one of our Hospice Liaison members, shares, “Our goal every day is to be great community partners and be better than the day before. Being personable and having interpersonal skills come naturally to us. To put it simply, we seek out patients that need extra help, want to be kept comfortable, and have a better quality end of life.”

This team is usually the first to interact with the patient or family to discuss Hospice and what Hospice Promise offers. We are so thankful for everything they do for our community and team!
[Pictured left to right] Erin Colwell, Heidi Postma, Linda Camp, and Denise Gorle (not pictured).