Douglas Brader Testimonial

I just wanted to thank you and everyone associated with Hospice Promise for the amazing care you provided for my Dad, Douglas R. Brader in Ajo,AZ. From Scott who was so supportive the night my Dad passed, to the other nurses, CNAs, and hospice staff, everyone associated with Hospice Promise did exactly what they said they would do, but most importantly they shared their compassion and kindness in so many ways to help my Dad keep his wishes of remaining at home.

douglas braderI know an organization like Hospice Promise doesn’t “just happen”, and I want to thank you personally Deborah for bringing Hospice Promise to Ajo and for your unbelievable spirit, unbounded compassion, unlimited energy and amazing kindness. My Dad was one of a kind..and he lived an amazing, full life until the end. When my Dad was 92 he decided he wanted to ride a bike again (as he did as a kid growing up) so we went to REI and my Dad got a bike, helmet and new shoes and off he went Dad would routinely make this big loop around the neighborhood and come down this huge hill on his way home (Dad estimated he would get it up to about 40 mph!!) going down this long slope and literally FLY down that hill…. I am not sure many “nonagenarians” can still ride their bikes or scare their entire neighborhoods the way he did (lol)…

For my Dad, age was merely a state of mind and for someone with such an unstoppable spirit, there was no better way for him to make the transition to the next world, than by being at home, surrounded by friends and family that loved him.

I was able to share so many spiritual and personal experiences with my Dad before he passed which would have never happened without Hospice Promise. Most importantly my Dad was fully at peace in his heart. I will be eternally grateful to Hospice Promise for making this possible. God bless you and everyone associated with Hospice Promise and please feel free to contact me if I can ever be of help to you in the future.

With a grateful heart,

Gregory Brader

May 2022