Talking about death and dying may not always be easy, but it can help you make the most of life and support those you care about. It also doesn’t have to be depressing and we shouldn’t be worried about saying the wrong thing.

Hospice is not, as some would describe it as, murder. This is not a barrier of a divine plan. Hospice is a beautiful act of charity, courage, and love that affords a person as much life as they choose. There are times that putting a person through treatment so painful that the pain outweighs the likelihood of success, which is usually low when hospice is considered. Hospice is comfort care and support through the most difficult of times.

Hospice Promise is uniquely positioned in the community to offer opportunities for conversations to take place. One of our goals is to bring people together around a wide variety of topics from improving the quality of our lives at any age to the more weighty matters of death and dying. We want to create unique collaborations that will encourage engagement and result in greater understanding.

We at Hospice Promise encourage patients to gain more control over their lives, manage pain and symptoms more effectively, and they provide support to family caregivers. We know that when hospice care is combined with treatment, improvement in symptoms, better quality of life, higher patient satisfaction and overall better outcomes for individuals and their family caregivers will occur. At Hospice Promise we know good things will happen as a result of our services!